Ft. Lauderdale Oceanfront Homes| Homes on the Beach in Ft. Lauderdale

When people think of South Florida Homes and life in South Florida, visions of Palm Trees, the Ocean, and days spent on the Sand often come to mind. 

Ft. Lauderdale Oceanfront Homes, Homes on the Beach in Ft. Lauderdale, and Homes that are directly on the Sand are the Homes of choice for the select few who get to live the dream of walking right out of their back door to enjoy cool Ocean Breezes and warm Sand beneath their Feet.

Such Homes are the créme de la créme of Ft. Lauderdale Waterfront Homes.  Not only are very few available for Sale, but only 49 exist and are located in the Ft. Lauderdale Subdivision of Lauderdale Beach.  

Currently, there are 6 direct Oceanfront Homes  in Ft. Lauderdale that are offered for sale.  These 6 Homes are directly on the Sand and are offered for sale in a price range of $2,295,000 – $6,995,000.    View the 6 Homes for Sale.

To date in 2009, there have been 3 direct Oceanfront Homes purchased in Lauderdale Beach.  Their purchase price range was $2,260,000 – $2,751,429.  Currently, 1 direct Oceanfront Home is listed as being under pending Contract for purchase and its List price is $3,850,000.

If you just want to live in the Neighborhood and don’t require a direct Oceanfront Home, 9 other Homes are currently listed for Sale.  Their price range is $885,000 – $1,795,000.  Even if you’re not living in a direct Oceanfront Home, the location is still amazing because the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and Beach are right in the Neighborhood and some of the non-Waterfront Homes offer great Ocean views.   View the Homes that are for sale.

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