New Oceanfront Condos in Palm Beach

New Oceanfront Condos in Palm Beach County 



New Oceanfront Condos in various areas of Palm Beach County are of significant interest to Buyers, however, those who aren’t deeply familiar with the area aren’t aware that the majority of Oceanfront Condos in Palm Beach aren’t new and/or weren’t constructed within the last couple of Years.

The vast majority of Beachfront Land in Palm Beach County that’s large enough in size to accommodate Condos (and zoned for Condos) is occupied with Condos that were built during the 1960’s – 1980’s. The exception to this is Singer Island, which–of all Cities in Palm Beach County–has the highest number of recently constructed Condos that were built in the 2000’s and lowest prices for recently constructed Oceanfront Condos in Palm Beach County.

Everything is relative, of course, so even if a Building was constructed 10 Years ago, it’s considered to be recent construction for the area when compared to Condos that are much older.   When new Condos are constructed in South Florida’s Tri-County areas, the highest numbers of Condos are built in the Miami area, 2nd in the Broward County area (Ft. Lauderdale, Hollywood, etc.), and 3rd/lowest in the Palm Beach County area.

New Oceanfront Condos that are currently under construction Palm Beach County are as follows:

Oceanfront Condos that were built in Palm Beach County within the last 10 Years are as follows:

You’ll notice 2 consistent themes here.  Most of the Buildings are Boutique style/have few Units and, as mentioned previously, the majority of recently constructed Oceanfront Condos in Palm Beach County are in Singer Island.  If Singer Island isn’t your preferred location, your Building choices for recent construction on the Beach are limited.

In Palm Beach County’s 2 most frequently requested and popular locations, Delray Beach and Boca Raton, the newest Oceanfront Condo in Boca is One Thousand Ocean Condo (listed above) and, unfortunately, the last time that an Oceanfront Condo was built in Delray Beach was in 1974.  The available Land for construction of new Oceanfront Condos in Delray Beach simply doesn’t exist and the entire Waterfront Condo Market in East Delray Beach is very limited due to the small number of existing Condos and lack of Land for new construction (the same scarcity exists along the Intracoastal).  In the Beach area of Delray Beach, the most recently constructed Building is Seagate Residences, which is located across from the Beach, was built in 2007, has a total of only 28 Units which are rarely for sale, and sell for average prices of $2,000,000+.

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